Show all wishlists

This article applies to version 2.4.6 and below for the pro version and version 2.4.4 and below for the lite version. All wishlists are automatically shown for versions above these versions.

In order to show all wishlists on the archive page on the frontend, simply add the code below to your functions.php and flush the rewrite rules for your site.

function my_nmgr_show_archive( $args ) {
	$args[ 'has_archive' ] = true;
	return $args;

add_filter( 'nmgr_register_post_type', 'my_nmgr_show_archive' );

To flush the rewrite rules, simply go to Settings > Permalinks in the wordpress backend and the rewrite rules would be flushed. You only need to do this once.

Viewing the wishlists

The default permalink base set by the plugin for viewing wishlists is nm-gift-registries. So if you have a wishlist with slug my-wishlist, this wishlist can be viewed at

To view all the wishlists on your site, simply navigate to the permalink base: (Don’t forget to substitute with the domain name of your site).

If you have changed the permalink base from nm-gift-registries to something else in the plugin settings, you should also substitute nm-gift-registries with the new slug you have set.