Show item purchased quantity on the wishlist page

The purchased quantity column on the wishlist items table is normally hidden on the wishlist page and shown only to the wishlist owner in the my-account area and to the admin in the backend.

To show it on the wishlist page to customers, use the code below:

 * Show purchased quantity on the single wishlist page 
 * next to the quantity column
function my_nmgr_show_purchased_quantity( $parts ) {
	if ( is_nmgr_wishlist() ) {
		$pos = array_search( 'quantity', $parts ) + 1;
		array_splice( $parts, $pos, 0, array( 'purchased_quantity' ) );
	return $parts;

add_filter( 'nmgr_item_view_parts', 'my_nmgr_show_purchased_quantity', 20 );