Version 2.5 Update

Important note when updating to version 2.5

Version 2.5 introduces the ability to add the shortcodes [nmgr_archive] and [nmgr_wishlist] to wordpress pages in order to view wishlist archives and single wishlists respectively.

These shortcodes would enable the archive and single wishlist pages display properly in themes which have problem displaying them when using the plugin’s default templates.

As a result of this change, the plugin settings that allow you to choose a custom page template to use to display single wishlists or wishlist archives are deprecated and no longer available. They have been replaced with the page for viewing single wishlists and page for viewing wishlist archives settings.

If you were previously using the deprecated settings, it is important that you insert the shortcodes in the relevant pages indicated by the new settings in order to allow wishlist archives and single wishlist pages to be viewed on the frontend.

See this article on how to do this.