NM Gift Registry and Wishlist allows woocommerce customers to create an unlimited number of gift registries or wishlists, add products to them, set their quantities and priority, track their purchased status, make them private, public or password protected, and share them on social media.

Flexible and Customizable

NM Gift Registry and Wishlist has been designed to be used as a gift registry or wishlist plugin, and everything in between. Because a gift registry is nothing more than an advanced wishlist, customizing the plugin’s functionality enables it to to cater for all options. It is for this reason that it has been built with maximum flexibility using the same codebase to allow it produce the kind of gift registry or wishlist you want. The beauty behind it is that you don’t have to be told exactly how your wishlist or gift registry should look, you can create your own exactly as you want it to be.

NOTE: In the rest of this documentation, as is the case throughout the site and with the plugin, any reference to “gift registry” also implies “wishlist” or any kind of list the plugin supports, and vice versa.

Built for Customers and Developers

The plugin has been created to be as intuitive and informative as possible. Notifications, alerts and tooltips where necessary coupled with ajax-driven actions and a sleek user interface helps provide a smooth experience for customers and ultimately allows the plugin to fulfill its main objective – bring the store sales.

Under the hood, the plugin uses the same templating system as WooCommerce making it easy for developers to modify templates for their wishlist or gift registry by copying it to their theme folder and making the changes there. Actions and filters everywhere also make it practically easy to modify or adapt the functionality of the plugin. Wishlists and wishlist items can be created, read, updated and deleted on the fly with ease using an API exactly similar to WooCommerce’s CRUD objects thus reducing the learning curve for developers and making the plugin more intuitive to use. Performance-wise the plugin uses wordpress cache at necessary points and saves wishlist data to the database only when changes are detected to prevent multiple database queries and simply optimize your application. In many ways, it works exactly like WooCommerce thus allowing it to provide the perfect gift registry or wishlist integration for your store.