Adjust the width of columns in the items table

Sometimes the columns in the items table may be too long or too short for various reasons. The image below shows an example of the cost column too short causing the price to overflow into the next line.

To solve this, all you need to do is to add some css to adjust the width of the column header. In the case above we add the css below to expand the width of the column and accomodate the long price.

.nmgr-items-table th.nmgr_cost { min-width: 200px; }

The cost column header is identified with the class .nmgr_cost. All the columns have their identifying classes. If for example we wanted to target the product title column and reduce it’s width to allow other columns to expand, we can use the css below:

.nmgr-items-table th.nmgr_title { width: 200px; }