Using the archive feature

This article only applies to gift registries and not wishlists.

The archive feature allows you to archive a gift registry item or the entire gift registry itself to prevent it from being modified. This is useful for example, if you want to mark the gift registry item as shipped without deleting it from the gift registry so that the gift registry owner can still see it, or if you want to close the gift registry without deleting it so that the gift registry owner can still view it.

Archiving a gift registry item

When a gift registry item is fulfilled, the plugin automatically archives it. On the frontend, this prevents the gift registry owner from modifying the desired quantity, purchased quantity, or any other property of the item. It also prevents him from deleting the item. This gives the site admin the opportunity to process the item in the backend without any changes to it on the frontend. The site admin himself is also restricted from making changes to the item at the backend. He can however unarchive the item and make it possible once again for the gift registry owner or he himself to edit it.

The automatic archiving of fulfilled gift registry items can be prevented by using a filter to disable the action.

Archiving a gift registry

While gift registry items are archived automatically on fulfillment, the gift registry itself has to be archived manually when desired and only the site administrator once again can do this. He can archive the entire gift registry for the same reasons he would archive a specific gift registry item – to prevent it from being modified on the frontend. He can do this for example when all the items have been fulfilled and he has or is in the process of shipping them to the gift registry owner and he doesn’t want any more items to be added to the registry or any other modifications to take place in the registry on the frontend. This is in effect, a simple and direct way of closing the gift registry to edits.

When a gift registry is archived, not even the gift registry owner’s profile information or shipping address can be changed. Everything about it is kept in place in its current state.

Archived gift registries or gift registry items remain visible to everyone until they are deleted.