Funding normal wishlist items from the wallet

Normal (non-crowdfunded) wishlist items are normally funded through purchases made via the checkout page of the store. However they can also be funded from the wallet. Just like with crowdfunded items, funding normal items from the wallet is a one-time affair because it involves withdrawing the exact amount of money you need at once to make the item fulfilled. The wallet has to have enough money in it to be able to fund the item.

It is very straightforward to fund a normal wishlist item from the wallet. First of all, ensure that the ability to do this is enabled in the crowdfunding plugin settings as shown below:

Then in the wishlist items table, click on the “Transfer” button at the bottom of the table.

Then locate the normal item which you want to fund from the wallet and click on the last credit card icon on the last column of the row containing this item.

If the wallet has enought money to fulfill the item, the required amount needed to completely fulfill the item would be debited from the wallet and the item would be marked as fulfilled. So for example, if the cost of the item is $10 and no quantity of it has been purchased, $10 would be debited from the wallet if available and credited to the item.

If there is not enough money available in the wallet to completely fulfill the item, a notice would be shown telling you this and the item would not be able to be funded from the wallet. In this case you may need to transfer more money to the wallet from other sources in order to have enough credit in it to fund the required item.