Refunding contributions

At one point the store administrator may need to refund a crowdfund contribution or a free contribution that was made by a customer to a wishlist. This is very straightforward and follows the general way refunds are carried out by the plugin. The refund should be done manually.

To refund a contribution made to a wishlist, simply go to the edit page for the order containing the contribution and click on the “refund” button at the bottom of the order items table.

After clicking the button, locate the item you want to refund in the table and enter the refund amount in the field on the “Total” column for that item. There is no need to enter a refund quantity as contributions do not deal with quantities. Also towards the bottom of the table there is no need to either check or uncheck “restock refunded items” checkbox as the contributions cannot be restocked since they are not attached to products.

When ready, click on the last button at the bottom of the table that actions the refund.

After the refund is made you should see the amount refunded for the item in red below the contribution amount for the item in the item’s row. This would let you know that the refund has been done properly. That’s all.

The plugin would activate this refund on the wishlist and the contribution would be deducted from the wishlist item’s crowdfund account or the wallet, as appropriate. If enabled, an email would also be sent to the wishlist owner letting him know that a contribution has just been refunded.